10 Sodastream Tips and Tricks. Bonus Tip: Don’t try to fizz Jack Daniels with this Home Soda Maker

25 Responses to “10 Sodastream Tips and Tricks. Bonus Tip: Don’t try to fizz Jack Daniels with this Home Soda Maker”

  1. Coffee Maker Reviews - Aromacup.com says:

    10 tips and tricks for your #SodaStream soda Maker: http://ow.ly/z1IOX

  2. lovingorca says:

    I use lemon juice. in my glass of ice.then I add a little stevia and then I
    have a healthier lemon soda.

  3. Caurie Putnam says:

    #10 use crushed berries instead of syrup

  4. johnsgamingempourium says:

    i spent this whole video thinking this motherfucker was gunna carbonate
    some jacks

  5. Tee Giang says:

    great tips…cause guys dont read the manual! lol

  6. Martin Huszár says:

    Extra tip: After I let the air rush into the bottle, I leave it screwed in
    pressured while I get my flavour ready.. Why? it takes the water a few
    seconds to absorb all the CO2 ;)

  7. Novakobx22 says:

    Thanks. I’m getting a Sodastream for Christmas, so these tips will help me.

  8. MrMinecraftandothers says:

    where can i refill in the uk

  9. JxC says:

    If you add flavor before fizzing it explodes everywhere…

  10. Antonio Delfino says:

    This video was mainly just common sense here are my 3 and only 3 tips,

    1. Chill water before use.
    2. Chill syrup before use.
    3. Put 1 or 2 extra buzzes when making.

  11. ralphness361 says:

    Tip 11. Rethink your tattoo ideas before having them done

  12. Vu Tran says:

    Tip number ten is go fuck ur self

  13. Fleshaga says:

    Don’t mention JD if you’re not touching the subject ffs. I was looking
    for a “How To” guide

  14. Vy hoang says:


  15. joelmgarton says:

    Main tip. Don’t be a fuckhead and pay for a digitised waste of money. I use
    an old school soda stream. Why would I want something that needs fucking
    batteries. Are you people so fucking lazy you can’t press a button a few

  16. Drew Patterson says:

    I was hoping you were going to try the JD :(

  17. kcheong00 says:

    Don’t give tips for soda stream again.. 

  18. wrxbungle says:

    how about “Don’t buy into sodastream’s CO2 racket, purchase an adapter and
    pay only 3-5 dollars for a refill, vs $30 or more…”

  19. norxcontacts says:

    Thanks for the tips, dick.

  20. Raj Rohila says:

    This guy’s is so annoying. 

  21. Charlie Flowers says:

    hhahah this is hilarious. these tips/tricks couldnt be any more obvious.
    haha i love the “have an extra co2 container on hand…..why? bc you dont
    wanna run out and not have any” . He could have said everything he said in
    one sentence.

  22. elmacho106 says:

    10 tips because “its better”……. lol

  23. Dylan Bolick says:

    Lol those tips are common sense. If u didnt know that stuff you are retarded

  24. Christian Weber says:

    All these “Tips” are shown at the box or the manual. There was not really
    one new and intresting thing.

  25. Brandon Maloney says:

    great now l need to youtube search an actual video for soda stream and jack



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