Making Your Drinks Sparkle Is Easy With The Soda-stream Carbonator

Getting your drinks to fizz is simple when you use one of the many home pop makers along with its matching carbonator. It will put a sparkle in your ordinary tap water, and gives your soda that extra fizz that everyone enjoys.

When you buy any of the pop makers, they come with a Co2 cartridge. This is what takes your ordinary flavored drink to the next level and gives it the carbonation required for it to bubble. There are a few sizes to choose from and they are measured by how many liters they will carbonate.

The most common carbonator bottle is a 60L, but you can get them up to 130L. Each one is fully inspected lightweight aluminum and will work in any of the models that you own unless otherwise stated in the instruction manual. They are reusable so when they run out, you have a few choices to fill them up again. One if you are able to find a place that can refill them then you simply drop them off and pick them back up full again. The second way is to swap them out for a full one, this is usually a lot cheaper than than the third option of just buying a brand new one when it runs out.

You can find many places to swap them out, and it usually costs between $10.00 to $20.00 depending on where you go and if you can find a coupon. Most people recommend that you buy a spare one so that you are able to keep using your machine while you are swapping out, since they say once you start using your machine to fizz up your drinks you will not want to live a day without it. A new one is a bit more expensive and can run between $25.00 to $50.00 again depending on where you go and how large your cartridge is, but most say it is a good idea to have a spare on hand for convenience.

It is easy to find a store that will refill your lightweight aluminum CO2 bottle, you can find places like Bed Bath and Beyond, or even your local Staples. Of course you can also send it back to the company and they will inspect and refill it for you then send it back. Most people do find that it is cheaper and more convenient to just take it some place local to have it refilled though.