How to Make Soda with the SodaStream Starter Kit – 1018111016

25 Responses to “How to Make Soda with the SodaStream Starter Kit – 1018111016”

  1. Caulin Longstreth says:

    Im getting this machine for chirstmas.I know that because my mom took me
    chirstmas shopping with her.

  2. Matthew Hicks says:

    did she say fizzet us instead of visit us?

  3. Lazyike67 says:

    Why add syrup AFTER Carbonation? Also can you use other liquids? Say I want
    pineapple flavored Soda. Can I fill the bottle with 100% pineapple juice
    instead of water?

  4. Kim Ewell says:

    Can the Crystal Light powder be used?

  5. ruth berry says:

    I understand that it works much better with very cold water.

  6. Kim Ewell says:

    Unfortunately, no, you don’t want to do that. The reason is because the
    stickiness of anything other than water will gum up the machine and the
    carbonating bottle can burst. Just put a bit of pineapple juice in after
    carbonating. It tastes great. I hope this helps.

  7. Cameron Mills says:

    Probably because it was on your counter by that point o.o

  8. Pedro Antunes says:

    If I put a normal juice in the container, instead SodaStream juice powder,
    it will works?

  9. Mr.Chaser08 says:

    she likes it real fizzy

  10. Mateus Campello says:

    She really don’t know how to fizz? Wtf?

  11. Kelly Williamson says:

    Thank you for posting this, it was very well presented

  12. raulramses17 says:


  13. Luis Sevilla says:

    SodaStream el enemigo de coca cola

  14. Greg Lasco says:

    Come on when does she start making-out with S. Johansen?

  15. Hannah Myers says:

    Her gulping pisses me off

  16. arcanum70 says:

    “fizzit us”???


  17. Sheryn Barefield says:

    Some people push the button until it makes a loud beeping noise. I also
    love peach tea :)!

  18. banjohombre says:

    Nice well done video. TY

  19. Nurul says:

    I like the flavour cola

  20. PeepsLps says:

    I love the orange soda flavor 

  21. Trish Hanson says:
  22. Luke Harvey says:

    This woman needs a fuckin Oscar, she is the best actress I’ve ever seen 

  23. bjorn roughton says:

    she had make that sound like she just had sex

  24. SmokinChallenger says:

    I heard ABT is a HORRIBLE company to deal with. Online, all their reviews
    are bad. Has anyone ever ordered from them and had a good experience?

  25. Zhath says:

    “so good”