How to use your SodaStream Jet Soda Maker

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  1. Loja MPM Electrodomésticos says:

    Máquina Sodastream Pure (em inox escovado) em Preço Especial 115€ (Normal
    em qualquer local é de: 129€)
    Link para a campanha

    Limitada ao stock existente e ainda com oferta de unidoses grátis!
    How to use your SodaStream Jet Soda Maker
    #sodastream #promoção #electrodomésticos #electrodoméstico #aveiro

  2. Stephanie Martinez says:

    She didn’t even drink it!

  3. 89krx says:

    Beter than pepsi, not convincing, try better than Coca Cola. 

  4. Canada Tech Talk says:

    Gotta say, no regrets. Picked up one of these (soda stream jet) on sale for
    67 bucks about a month ago and its nice to have, and you can get really
    quick at making soda. I can make a liter of cola in around 1 minute. Very
    handy :D You could say its kinda like the Keurig / Tassimo of Soda.

  5. juicyluxury says:

    Cant you just mixed the syrup with sparkling water from the store?

  6. Marwin Brown says:


  7. skinnywhop87 says:

    boycott Sodastream.. It supports Israel’s racist regime, and is produced on
    occupied territory!

    If you want to make your own soda, visit your homebrew stores. They have
    locally made soda syrups and mixtures as well as yeasts to make your own
    soda’s much more affordable..

  8. Andy Leal says:

    I got this for christmas, best product i’ve used

  9. Ken Simon says:

    Looks cool

  10. Scott kelly says:

    I remember when I got my DVR a few years ago. One of my first thoughts
    was. How did I ever get by without this?

    It’s the same with Sodastream. I have had my Sodastream unit less than 2
    weeks and I do love the system and the quality of the product.
    I had a question about my tank and I called the 1 800 number.
    A person answered that was also very knowledgeable and answered all my

  11. Ansett4Sims says:

    0:50 Is it me or the gas made a worse sound!

  12. Tom Nouri says:

    If ur at the store just get the soda instead of clubsoda if that’s what u
    want. Ur missing the point of the machine. U can make soda at home for
    about $0.25 a liter with no waste on demand.

  13. Kat Cetera says:

    My Soda is losing it’s fizz fast when I put it in the fridge. I can’t drink
    the whole bottle in one sitting. Any suggestions? I do use water that’s
    been refrigerated for days when I make it.

  14. Tori Sydenstricker says:


  15. jaz5789 says:

    lol Should of watched this video before I used mine. I got this second hand
    with no instructions except what was on the bottle. Said add cold water and
    carbonate. So I did that and BOOM! water splashed everywhere. Didn’t say
    anything about screwing the bottle to the machine.

  16. Ayaaz Tarajia says:

    produced in occupied territory. Boycott them. 

  17. Youssouf R says:

    Do NOT fund israeli occupation ! Do NOT buy SODASTREAM ! SOLIDARITY with
    the Palestinian people !

  18. Ovi Pei says:

    just buy one today !

  19. Mimi Lewis says:

    Your lies

  20. Ayame Thompson says:

    I saw this in the store and I was wondering if I should buy it.. 

  21. moe761 says:

    It being made in Israel gave me even more incentive to buy it. I’d rather
    be supporting a god-fearing democracy than the chinks in China. 

  22. bossgirl #1 says:

    They did not even drink it

  23. ladeda1984 says:

    D0n’t waste y0ur m0ney it is DISGUSTING

  24. tillyvictory says:

    Long live Israel the land of God and Jesus.

  25. Stooge says:

    Bullshit on saving money



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