What's So Great About This Machine?

If you ask your self “What is Sodastream?” the answer is that it is a company that has been manufacturing home soda making products for over 100 years. Today they sell the Jet starter kit home soda maker system, as well as assorted similar models such as the Source, Crystal, Dynamo, or Genesis. These table top systems quickly and easily convert tap water or any purified water into carbonated water one liter at a time. The soda maker system consists of a drink maker which holds 1 liter water/soda bottles and CO2 bottles capable of carbonating either 60 or 130 liters of water. The soda bottles are a proprietary design manufactured to fit the soda maker and are heavy duty and designed to last three years. Individual spare bottles are available, as well as the special caps designed to fit them.

They also offers a variety of syrups, including many popular brand name equivalents. In addition, you can make your own flavors. Fresh fruit and berry juices are well suited and popular to use with this system. You can make carbonated lime-aid using key limes and organic demerara sugar for a refreshing and healthy drink. Organic honey also makes a healthy sweetener. With the home soda maker system you no longer have to carry home those heavy and bulky 2 liter soda bottles. The syrup bottles sold are large and are designed to make 50 liters of soda. You can adjust the intensity of the flavor by adding more or less syrup to taste. You can use virtually any flavoring syrup.That is part of the beauty of having your own personal soda factory. This is a company that cares about our environment. Users of the home soda maker system can also feel good about the eco-friendly nature of this system. Instead of using thousands of plastic bottles when you consume soda, you reuse the specially designed 1 liter bottle. In the U.K. The company has been certified as having a substantially lower carbon footprint than equivalent commercial soda usage. They also maintain an active role in environmental projects, primarily those that address the serious problem of environmental plastic pollution.

Another aspect of this company is that they are an Israel based company and has ensured that its product is certified as Kosher. Even many people who do not care about the significance of that status recognize it as having quality significance. You can enjoy your soda maker knowing that it is healthy for the environment, healthy for you, and suitable for anyone who tries to observe Kosher practices. They are currently available pretty much everywhere in stores and online.