Dynamo Deluxe

If you are tired of spending a whole bunch of money on carbonated water and soda, then a great alternative would be to do it yourself with a product like the Dynamo LX Home Soda Maker.

It is small enough to take anywhere, and looks great on your counter, but with it extra large 130L Co2 cannister, you will be able to carbonate tons of drinks for you and your family. In fact you can carbonate the equivalent of 350 cans of soda, that is a lot of money you could save.

Making your own carbonated beverages is easy and the machine is simple to use, simply insert the carbonation cylinder in place, fill up one of the reusable two 1 liter bottles or the half liter bottle that comes with the kit and pump the button until you have the desired carbonation that you desire.

There are a lot of pros to getting a Dynamo and making your own sparkling water, soda, even flavored carbonated fruit drinks. For one you will no longer have to worry about going to the store to get your soda and sparkling water, you also will not have to worry about your drinks going flat since the included bottles keep your drinks fizzy for a lot longer than normal bottles.

Another pro to this machine is you will not have to keep lugging home your bottles of water and soda and that in turn helps the environment since you are reusing the bottles instead of wasting and throwing away the store bought ones. The Co2 cartridges are also recycled too so that also helps the environment and there are no harmful effects from the Co2 to to the atmosphere.

There are a couple of cons to using the dynamo, like the fact that you will need to replace the Co2 cartridge after so many uses. You will have to find a place to replace them and if you and your family goes through a lot of soda or sparkling water than you will need to replace them regularly.

The second drawback to making your own beverages is that you will need to keep the flavorings on hand or make your own flavoring yourself. Although if you are using it to make carbonated sparkling water than this is not a problem.

When you look at how easy and convenient it can be to make your own carbonated beverages, you will see that maybe this is the way for you to go.

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