Sodastream Play Review

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  1. Coffee Maker Reviews - says:
  2. Benjamin Smith says:

    yeah we get it, you have two cameras

  3. Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

    Sodastream Play Review – YouTube #Sodastream #Soda

  4. Tyler Capanna says:

    I love this channel!

  5. Lewis Green says:


  6. Sonia Mendes says:

    Great review – you’re a natural on camera. Thinking of buying a Sodastream
    as a Christmas gift this year.

  7. kelsey jones says:

    Is it pretty easy to press down the button?

  8. sltayo says:

    Thanks for the demo. The manual doesnt explain to hold it down until you
    hear a buzz, it just says hold down 2 seconds for 3 times. 

  9. Chelsea Stover says:

    I have the same model but mine isn’t making the buzz noise??

  10. Adam Macintyre says:

    i just got one and it dosent work.
    I’m so gutted (my mum got it for me for cristmas)

  11. Ben Carter says:

    Great video, but do you think you could use different music in your videos,