Sodastream Review

25 Responses to “Sodastream Review”

  1. theoboegoddess says:

    Great review!! Love it. I also flinch pretty easily too so I’m glad I
    wasn’t the only one who did! Hahaha. 

  2. Sean Young says:

    Can you do a kitchenaid flex beater review

  3. robertomasymas says:

    dont they make carbonators that draw the CO2 from the air, instead of a

  4. Tom gilly 40 says:

    Nice review

  5. Kylek says:

    Plz shoot me………………………..with ur CO2 cartridge 

  6. Membersrock 33 says:

    This is a great video, great job.

  7. Sabrina Kitty says:

    I wanted to get this, but my parents wouldn’t let me…

  8. KHAIRUL MINI says:

    Better than girl from grave review ;)

  9. Eric Masson says:

    Great review, straight to the point, no small talk

  10. Grey Tiger says:

    Great review/ I was calculating the prices and this comes at about the same
    price as buying a 2 liter from the store. So is it worth it?

  11. jal says:

    hey now

    3:09. is it worth the $99? I’m glad I chose this review instead of the
    other ones; I like the way you present your review. I want to see you drink

  12. Brad McInnes says:

    I believe the directions specifically say to pour the syrup into the
    carbonated water. Why did you pour the syrup in the glass?

  13. JasonMcGarva says:

    Good job on this review. This one convinced me to buy it.

  14. mojo Rose says:


  15. Marfa Otano says:

    I received this machine for my birthday. I used it yesterday for the first
    time and I love it. I don’t do any of the flavors because I like plain
    sparkling water. No more Perrier, too expensive. This is the way to go
    for me. Sooooooo worth it!

  16. O Mandel says:

    Thank you so much for not taking forever to talk about each and every
    thing! Great review.

  17. Emily N says:

    This is my favorite review! You didn’t take forever explaining how to set
    it up and I like how you tried more than one flavor! :)

  18. Emily N says:

    Also do you think it’s worth the money? 

  19. jonathan bujor says:

    just get a soda at mcdonalds

  20. AlphaLineGaming | Gaming, Reviews, and More! says:

    That’s a loud buzz if you ask me. o.o

  21. hannahcatful says:

    Thank you for not rambling about it and just getting to it!

  22. Terry L Jones Jr says:

    Thanks for the review, but I have to ask about the ratio that is supposed
    to be used between the syrup and the water. Every example that you
    demonstrated had a different amount of syrup and water. Is there a correct
    ratio between the two, because if there is, then its easy to determine why
    some people are saying that it doesn’t taste strong enough, in comparison
    to “real” soda. Maybe they’re using too much of the one, and not enough of
    the other.

  23. Ken Kreton says:

    was only review here where someone was close to reading instructions
    although in a 1 L bottle one would pour it into the bottle and not into a

  24. Jacob Usagi says:

    I like the convenience of this product but unfortunately found the taste to
    be quiet strange.

  25. manuelp510 says:

    Has anyone tried using crystal light with this?



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