SOURCE Metal Edition

The Source Metal Edition is the latest model of the at home soda and sparkling water maker and it has quite a few features that are not on the earlier and cheaper models. As with all the other models this machine is great if you are looking to save both time and money making your own carbonated beverages right in your own home instead of having to constantly buy and lug home bottles and cans.

The first thing that is different about this model is that it is metal. None of the other models have been made of metal only plastic. The second difference is how the bottle gets locked into the machine, the other models you had to screw in so it made it a little complicated to get the bottle in place, but with this one, it has a simple lock in mechanism that securely locks the reusable bottle into place, making it safer to carbonate without popping out and spraying everything.

This model also had a LED readout that makes it very easy for you to adjust the level of carbonation so that you are able to make your soda or water as strong or weak as you like it, this is great for children since you can make their sodas less acidic and flavored so it is more healthy.

This soda maker is very easy to use and operate, you can have great tasting sodas and flavored water in 30 seconds, all you need is some filtered water and some flavoring and you will have your own homemade soda at a considerably less cost and a lot less hassle that going to the store and buying it. You can have fresh carbonated beverages that will last for days longer than store bought ones.

The Source is very durable and with its upgraded features makes for making your own beverages more simple than ever, it comes with the machine itself, 1 1 liter metal carbonator bottle, 1 60L Co2 canister to carbonate your drinks, and a 6 pack of varied flavors for you to try.

They have a large variety of flavored syrups that you can choose from like diet, energy, regular, or even the new cane syrups, and you can either get them in variety packs or larger bottles once you have found the flavors that you and your family likes. You can also mix and match different flavors to create your your own flavor or you can make them at home.

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