SodaStream Vs. Coca-Cola

12 Responses to “SodaStream Vs. Coca-Cola”

  1. Business Insider says:
  2. Richyrich66 says:


  3. Spoder Man says:

    i am glad that you did not make this fake

  4. Cindy Sanchez says:

    Calories don’t matter. The ingredients are still shitty in both.

  5. jrbqto says:

    Weve tried everything we can think of with ours. Sodastream still tastes
    like crap. If im going to drink soda, I already know its not the best for
    me. So dont make it different from national brands, I hate diet soda. I
    hate the tastes of aspertine (sp), which soda streams sodas taste like diet
    sodas. I dont care if its “healthier” if I want “healthier” I wouldnt drink
    soda. Duhhh. 

  6. Brandlil says:

    tastes more like pepsi max

  7. bluejeans98 says:

    Forget the syrups that come with the soda stream. I buy lime cordial, vimto
    or other cordials. Just fizz your chilled water and add to the cordial
    works brilliant for me. Im drinking about 2 litres of lime and soda a

  8. Zulfan Rizky says:

    Lol fart

  9. poikaa3 says:

    Part of this comparison tells me that people are acustomed to drinking
    Coke from a can…. This would be bias. I remember Coke from the years
    before high fructose syrup and ‘New Coke’, it was far better and I think
    Soda Stream is close to the original Coke.

  10. Beau Hall says:

    SODASTREAM HACK: Go to Bulk store i.e. (Sam’s Club, BJ’ s, Costco) Buy
    Coca-Cola syrup in a box designed for fountain soda machines use syrup in
    soda stream. Note: you will have enough Cola to last year based on
    drinking 40oz of Cola daily… 

  11. Diana, Princess of Justin Bieber. says:

    Sounds like me in the morning after a heavy nights drinking.

  12. Pun4tulkku says:

    Why the fuck do you test people who drink a glass of soda in 1 month? ._.



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